Laundry Room Design Elements

I have pulled together some of the main design elements that will go into the space so you can start to imagine what the laundry room will look like when it is complete. In case you are just tuning in, we are renovating a laundry room. You can see the before pictures and plans for the new layout here. So without further delay, here are the elements that I am considering for the space.

We have already made decisions to move forward with some of these elements but others are included to give you an idea of what we are looking for. Here are some more details:

1. This image shows the type of pullouts that will be in the new cabinets where the dryer and closet are currently located. These cabinets are 24" deep so it will make it much easier to find things we put in here than if we simply had stationary shelves. These pullouts can hold 75 lbs of weight each so we shouldn't have too many restrictions on what we can store.

2. For the cabinet doors we went with a melamine product in this white-washed wood grain. As this space is for storage, laundry and a mudroom, it gets LOTS of use. The melamine will be easy to clean, is very durable and the lighter "wood" finish will keep the space bright as there is limited natural light.

3. These pulls are gorgeous! They are in a satin, slate grey colour and will really pop against the lighter finish on the doors.

4. We will still require hooks for coats in this space and I really think these ones are perfect. The curvy shape is a good contrast to all of the linear elements in the space and the finish will coordinate nicely with the chrome details on the new laundry pair (more on the laundry machines coming soon!).

5. I found these carpet tiles online at Costco of all places and I love them. They are made from 40% recycled content and as I have used other carpet tiles in the past, I know they will be durable. The pattern is very mid-century modern (a favourite!) and the colour should hide dirt and stains well.

6. For the small bit of wall left untouched beside the laundry machines, I would like to do a tile feature wall. I want to place a custom bench in this little space (about 25" wide) to make it easier for putting on shoes and I think tile on this wall would allow some more colour and pattern into the space and will be a durable material to protect the wall from bumps and scratches from people sitting on the bench. And bonus! Because it is a small wall (only about 20 sq. ft.) I don't have to be QUITE so worried about the cost of the tiles. I like these ones I found because they are on trend with the encaustic tile revolution that is happening now but the pattern and colourway are still very classic and should look great for many years to come!

7. I've already mentioned a custom bench for the space. A bench version of this coffee table could be perfect. It would give a spot to sit but also some storage for shoes or a small basket for hats and mitts that is easily accessible. Hairpin legs again bring in a mid-century modern vibe and the wood adds some warmth.

8. Even though the laundry room is very small, it still manages to have 2 doors. One door exiting to the garage and another to the side of the house. As it stands now, both are flat doors and are painted white. My plan is to add some moulding to the door just like Jenna Sue did in her home and paint them navy blue.

So that's everything I have for now. Soon I will show you the laundry pair we are putting in here. I learned a thing or two, I'll tell you that much now!

Let me know in the comments what you think about the design direction for this space!