Long Overdue Laundry Room Reveal

Well at least I'm getting this post up before the 1-year anniversary of my first post about this laundry room! That has to count for something doesn't it?! And don't worry, just because this reveal took so long, it doesn't mean our laundry room has been under construction this whole time. In reality, it only took about 2 weeks from the start of construction for everything major to be done. It was some of the smaller elements that took longer and even when those were sorted out, LIFE! So we've been living with our laundry room all done for almost a year now and we are loving it!

Just in case you want to catch up on all the background from this project (I wouldn't blame you, it's been a while!), you can find the posts here, here and here. And before we get to the final reveal, here is one last before picture to remind you just how much we changed.


Here is the wishlist from my very first post.

Wishlist for the new space:

  • recessed water supply so that the washer can sit more flush with the wall
  • move the laundry tub back to the original laundry space in the basement
  • Increase storage space so that more overflow from the kitchen can be stored here
  • storage to have doors so that everything can be hidden
  • add a small bench or chair

And here are the after pictures so you can see we were able to check them all off!

Trying to capture the whole room at once is very tricky but this gives you a good idea of the space.

Trying to capture the whole room at once is very tricky but this gives you a good idea of the space.

This new layout works so much more efficiently and gives us much more storage than we had before. Our new Bosch 500 Series Washer and Ventless Dryer are amazing! They clean our clothes so much better than our old machines, they are quiet and both are Energy Star rated. We love the ventless dryer. It dries our clothes perfectly (kind of critical for a dryer) and other than a monthly rinse of the secondary lint catcher, there is no other maintenance and no worries of lint catching fire which can happen with vented dryers. 

After the storage and the new machines, the tile is my next favourite part of this space. I splurged and bought a beautiful handmade Italian tile that is a real showstopper. We also replaced the lite in the side door with this craftsman style glass. It is beautiful and still allows plenty of light but offers more privacy with the frosted glass. Previously we had a sheer curtain over the fully clear glass window so that we couldn't see straight into our neighbour's house.

And while we would have loved to put in new doors to the side and the garage, that was just too far out of budget for us. So I cut some pieces of moulding and glued them to the doors and then painted the doors navy blue. I had already bought the paint years ago for our front door and the moulding strips cost me about $20. This update made a huge impact in the space!

We hang our coats on the hall tree and this bench is the perfect size for the space. The walkway is very tight in here so I needed to find a small bench. Not very easy to do as it turns out but this one from EQ3 on Wayfair fit the bill perfectly. It is made from solid oak and is very sturdy with a little shelf for shoes or a basket for gloves and hats in the winter and the perfect perch to put on your shoes or to put a bag down when you come in the door.

And lastly just to prove the power of hidden storage, here is a little gif to show you what the inside the new storage really looks like in real life!


So there you (finally!) have it! Again almost a year after, we are still so thrilled with our new laundry room. I think we remark on how happy it makes us at least once a month and it was totally worth the investment, hard work and time it took to completely transform this space.

If you are thinking about renovating your laundry room and would like some help, contact us. We would love to help you have the laundry room of your dreams!