New pulls and the BIG reveal!

Last week I showed you this dresser and the new pulls from Lee Valley Tools Ltd. that I was considering to complete the makeover. Thank you to everyone who left me a comment!

Well now it's time to reveal exactly which pulls I chose! Here they are!

And here is the whole dresser, completely made-over.



Primer - Zinnser BONDZ (left over from previous projects)
White - Straight from the can white semi-gloss (left over from previous projects)
Blue - Sherwin Williams Waterfall (SW6750) also in semi-gloss. The bottom drawers are 100% blue, the middle are 1:1 blue to white and the top are 1:3 blue to white
Pulls - Ornate pulls from Lee Valley (00W58.40)

Pretty fantastic huh?! One more time, a before and after!

This dresser will now have a home in the nursery of a soon-to-be-arriving little girl and I don't think it's wrong to say that I am VERY jealous that she gets this beautiful piece of furniture to keep! Those pulls are the equivalent of the One Ring for me. I wants them!

Thank you to Lee Valley for providing the pulls for this project. All opinions are my own and I only write about brands that I love.