Old dresser, new pulls

For the past few weeks I've been working on refinishing a hand-me-down dresser for my oldest friend. This dresser was purchased by her aunt in the 70's and at some point made it to her mother's house where it stayed for another few decades. My friend is expecting her second child and needed a dresser for the nursery to store clothes and also to use as a change table. Here is what the dresser looked like when it was dropped off at my house.

Great bones but time for a face-lift.

Great bones but time for a face-lift.

So we set out a plan (see the Pinterest board here) and I will post a before and after very soon. One of my first thoughts was to add pulls to the drawers. Technically they don't need handles to open them, the moulding on the front has a slight outward curve to it and it's easy enough to pull them open but I thought adding something a little shiny would really make this piece pop!

So with the idea of finding some new handles, my first thought was to look at Lee Valley Tools Ltd. They have an amazing assortment of pulls and knobs in every possible colour and finish. I knew I would have many options to choose from for the dresser's eventual new colour scheme! So let me show you a few of the options that I considered and you can let me know which ones you would choose in the comments and then you'll see the final selection in the big reveal! So here are my top picks:

When I started looking at all of my options at Lee Valley, I knew I wanted something in a lighter metal like nickel or brass and I wanted something sleek and modern to go with the lines of the dresser. Most of these handles fit that bill almost exactly except for maybe the second one. Although that one is brass, it's lines are much more art deco but they would still look so beautiful!

So now it's time for you to tell me which one you would pick! Feel free to go through all the many options on the Lee Valley website and put a link to it in the comments! Happy hunting!

Lee Valley is providing the pulls for this project but all opinions are my own and I only write about brands that I love.