Reading Nook for the Purple Clouds Bedroom

This is the last DIY I'm going to show you before the big reveal. I have already shown you the feature wall, the custom shelves and art organizer and the gallery wall but I really think I've saved the best for last - a READING NOOK! This room had a big closet but it wasn't very functional with ugly sliding doors and a closet organizer that did a poor job of organizing anything. So I decided to make this a reading nook. We had an electrician come and install a new outlet in the closet. My mom gave us an old chest of drawers that she wasn't using anymore and we built them into the closet for storage and to create the seat and I chose this beautiful fabric for the seat cushion. Check it out...

Perfect place to curl up with a good book!

Perfect place to curl up with a good book!

Can you see how we built in the chest? It wasn't wide enough to completely fill the closet so we built fake sides and the top of the chest was removed so that we could put a new top on that filled the whole closet. I also scrubbed the hardware on the drawers with some steel wool to remove the dark finish. Here is a picture showing the chest before (from inside my mom's closet!) and a before and after on the handles while I was scrubbing them.

Amazing what a little elbow grease and some steel wool can do!

Amazing what a little elbow grease and some steel wool can do!

The cushion is a piece of 3" high-density foam that luckily I had leftover from another project. I had the very talented Nicole of Nicole Flanagan Creations sew the cover for me with large piping around the top and zipper so it can be removed and laundered if necessary.

The lights are the RANARP wall lights from IKEA and they plug into the new outlet under the seat top. The new seat top is only Velcro'd to the drawers so if we need to access the outlet at any time, it is easy to do so. To tie in the copper again I used copper tube straps from the hardware store to secure the lamp wires to the wall.

The butterflies you may have noticed all over the room are these ones. They have little magnets on them and also come with little double-sided sticky dots so you can stick them to things that are not metal. They are super cute!

I NEEDED that   Fat Unicorn on Rainbow Jetpack   pillow!

I NEEDED that Fat Unicorn on Rainbow Jetpack pillow!

I know that some of you might question my taking the closet out of the room. Our reality right now is that my daughter is 4 and really doesn't have any clothes that she needs access to on a daily basis that needs to be hung up in a closet. The other reality is that we have other closets upstairs that she can use when the time comes. The closet in our guest bedroom is practically empty and if she really wants hanging storage IN her room when she's older we will look into getting her a wardrobe or a clothes rack. Worst case (and I say "worst" because I would hate to see it go!) is that we convert it back to a closet. The doors we took down needed to be replaced anyway and we could always install new doors and do a little patching and painting to convert it back to a closet but I really think this set up is WAY more fun and will really be enjoyed as my daughter grows.

Alright so I'll wrap things up next week with a full reveal post! Let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for reading!